26th of April World Pilots’ Day

Flying is a dream for many of us. Pilots are the ones who are fortunate enough to have achieved this dream.  But dreams do come with a cost. It is a tough job to be a pilot. It needs constant determination and devotion. It needs courage to be able to carry the responsibility of the safety of the airplane and of its passengers.  It needs hard nerves and strong attitude to be able to handle any crisis that comes through. Moreover pilots are a vital voice for the safety in aviation industry. They are the ones who can see through the hurdles of the standards and the regulations and serve as correction factors.

Having such a demanding professional environment it is vital for pilots to be in collaboration and in cooperation.  To highlight the importance of being a pilot as a profession and to symbolize the cooperation and collaboration within pilots, TALPA, Turkish Airline Pilots’ Association had offered 26th of April, the day on which the first flight made by Fesa Evrensev in Turkey, to be celebrated as World Pilots’ Day in 2013. International Federation of Airline Pilots Association has accepted this offer and since 2014 every year, 26th of April is being celebrated as the World Pilots’ Day.