EURASIA AIRSHOW 2018 Fuarına Bekleriz!

TALPA 25-29 Nisan tarihlerinde Antalya Havalimanı’nda gerçekleşecek olan Eurasia Airshow  2018 fuarına katılacaktır. Tüm değerli üyelerimizi 506 A nolu standımıza bekleriz. *Fuar hakkında detaylı bilgi ve online davetiye için adresini ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

2018 26 Nisan Dünya Pilotlar Günü organizasyonu iptal edilmiştir

Değerli Üyemiz, Son günlerde yaşanılan gelişmeler, üyelerimizin moral ve motivasyonunu olumsuz yönde etkilemiş olup, camiamızda huzursuzluğa ve mutsuzluğa sebep olmuştur. Derneklerin gerçek sahibi “ÜYELERİDİR” bu ortamda 26 Nisan 2018 tarihinde Antalya’da yapılması planlanan “Dünya Pilotlar Günü” kutlamasını TALPA Yönetim Kurulu olarak iptal ettiğimizi değerli üyelerimize ve kamuoyuna saygıyla duyururuz.  

TALPA 2017 April 26 World Pilots’ Day Ball

The Annual Ball will be organized at Renaissance Hotel Polat- Yeşilköy İstanbul,  at 19:00 o’clock on 26th of April. Famous Turkish singer Sertap Erener will be on stage that night. The welcome cocktail will be served  19:00 and 20:00 and followed by  gala dinner between 20:00  and 00:30. All TALPA …

2017 We’ll be watching the movie SULLY with our colleagues friends and family!

 “He left  home in the morning… He went to work to return back home in the evening. He managed to land the plane, of which both motors went off after take-off, over Hudson River without anybody got injured. First he was announced as a hero, then they wanted to lynch him. From the moment that the incident had occurred to the end,  there was only the Pilots’ Association standing next to him. SULLY is a film that narrates the lives that go between being a hero to someone to be lynched, in other words it narrates us, the pilots. We invite you to watch our life with us.”





April 24 Monday / 19:00

(CineFly) FlyInn Shopping Mall-Florya İstanbul

On 24th of April there will be a movie session of SULLY, the real life story behind the miracle of Hudson River landing,  at 19:00 o’clock at CineFly (FlyInn) Shopping Mall- Florya- İstanbul. We invite our loved ones to watch the difficulties and challenges of a pilot’s life.


Date: April 24 2017
Place: (CineFly) FlyInn Shopping Mall
Address: Harman Sok. No:48 34153 Florya/İSTANBUL
Hour: 19:00
In case of participation please inform before April 15 2017
RSVP: Hatice Çilek / 0212 296 66 70 – 0542 422 60 93 /


2017 April 26 World Pilots’ Day Photo Contest

Share the aviation concept images you captured with #26Aprilworldpilotsday, #26Nisandunyapilotlargunu hashtags, tag @worldpilotsday and be a part of our excitement for 26 April World Pilots’ Day. The winner will be given a Go Pro Action Camera and an invitation for two people to the TALPA April 26 World Pilots’ Day …